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Wild West Shootout Race Weekend at Willow Springs- August 10-12
08-02-2012, 06:17 PM
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Thumbs Up Wild West Shootout Race Weekend at Willow Springs- August 10-12
Motoyard partnered up with Dunlop and Nexx -USA to bring racing back to Willow Springs, starting with the Wild West Shootout. This Dunlop spec race weekend will include 12 races, all with considerable payouts for the top finishers. Forget about going home with a plaque, think about how many thousands of dollars you could be taking home on August 11th and 12th!
Motoyard has been working closely with former WSMC Race Director John Cagel and Willow Springs management to bring you a race weekend to be remembered! Grids are filling up quickly, and of course experienced WSMC racers are the ones most likely to take home the top prizes. Visit for details on the classes, class payouts and rules. We are also happy to announce that David K will keep you on your toes with his electrifying announcements.
[Image: awwso_2012_web.jpg]
Wild West Shootout updates:
Registration for all classes is now open. Please note the following classes will be gridded based on the time stamp on their registration: Open Novice, 600 Novice, Open Street "Race what you brought" and 600 Street "Race what you brought", Open Super stock, 550 Superbike, Formula 40, 250 Ninja Cup and 250GP. Gridding in Open, 600 Mod Prod and 600 Superstock classes will be based on the qualifying we will hold on Saturday. To register for the event please visit the following link:
Don't have a race license? You can participate in "Race what you brought" Street classes, we will have a racer class on Saturday followed by practice sessions, practice starts and races in "Race what you brought".
If you have a Novice race license with any road race organization, you are eligible to participate in Open Novice and 600 Novice classes.
To participate in any other classes you need to possess an Expert or a Pro race license with any road race organizations. For more details on each class requirements please visit our website:

Practice/Trackday event - Friday, August 10th, 2012 - we will run regular track day format: A group (Advanced Riders), B group (Intermediate Riders), C group (Beginner Riders). All riders registered for Wild West Shootout races will receive $25 off their track day registration, to obtain a discount code please e-mail us:

Practice/Qualifying date – Saturday, August 11th, 2012 – morning practice sessions for all classes, qualifying for the main events on Sunday, followed by the 600 and Open Novice races(for those who have Novice race license) and Open and 600Super Street -“Race what you brought” classes, where riders with no race licenses will get chance to race on their street bikes.
Please note that for races on Saturday we limit number of participants to 30, we will grid riders based on their registration time stamp (for example: first rider to register for the event, will receive a poll position), so register today to get the rush and excitement of a real race and a chance to win NEXX helmet and some track days.
[Image: 600SUPERSTREET.gif] [Image: OPENSUPERSTREET.gif]
[Image: 600NOVICE.gif] [Image: OPEN_NOVICE.gif]

Competition Date: Sunday, August 12th – Morning practice followed by riders meeting and races in the following classes:
[Image: open_class.gif] [Image: open_superstock.gif]
[Image: 600MOD.gif] [Image: 600SUPERSTOCK.gif]
[Image: 550SBK.gif] [Image: 250GP.gif]
[Image: 250ninja.gif] [Image: SENIOR.gif]
Tires will be offered track side at a racer's discount, here is the link to the tires that will be available:
Please keep in mind that those tires are not restricted to each class as noted, you could use your choice of Dunlop tire from this list for whichever race you choose to participate.
The rules and specifications for each class are available on our website, for rules and regulations on our race event please click on the picture below. If you have any questions regarding Wild West Shootout please feel free to contact us at
[Image: Dunlop-new-300x84.jpg] [Image: Nexx2-300x96.jpg] [Image: Octane-300x207.jpg] [Image: Controlled4-300x83.jpg] [Image: builtwell-300x88.jpg]
[Image: dainese-300x64.jpg] [Image: tv-300x55.jpg] [Image: RRW-300x135.jpg] [Image: Palmdale-300x45.jpg]
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08-03-2012, 12:45 PM
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RE: Wild West Shootout Race Weekend at Willow Springs- August 10-12
This sounds like a job for Rob...
And Matt...


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