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Test riding the BMW 1000RR
07-12-2012, 09:51 AM
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Test riding the BMW 1000RR
[Image: Picture039.jpg]

First things first, A big thanks to Las Vegas BMW Motorcycles, for lets us ride the new S1000 rr.

I road the S1000rr thru the Red Rock loop if you are not familiar with it, it is a one way 12 mile loop with some nice twisties. My first impressions were nice well put together bike. The display is well laid out and organized, overall easy to read.

While sitting on the bike it actually felt like a 600 but once you fired it up and started the ride, know your not on a 600. The bike has nice smooth power from way down low all the way to the top. Giving the bike a nice tame feel.

First thing I wanted to try out a full on shift under full power. BMW did a great job and a quick nudge of the shifter and the motor cut out for a mil-sec and your in the next gear. This really works great under full power, easing around in traffic works but you just don't get the full effect unless your under full power

Next thing I wanted to try was the anti lock brakes.. Gave myself a long straight part of the road and grabbed a handful of brakes. You know the kind you grab when a mini van pulls out in front of you. I was impressed I expected some back tire rise but I did not get any. Good job

Then I was off to the twisties.

I pushed the bike a little but not like it was mine. The first thing I noticed was the suspension was noticeably different from mine own my 1000 rr. I ride red rock all the time and I know where the bumps are and what issues I normally have. WOW is all I have to say.. They did a great job.

My overall impression. The big four ( Kawi, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha )now have to compete with a major sportbike If you are not a squid and want a true sportbike you better consider this one.. even though it is a little pricey

I will post up some Video when I get it of us in the loop, but here is some photos

At the dealership... Yea that's a North Las Vegas Motor officer who came out to drool

[Image: Picture030.jpg]

At the overlook in the loop

[Image: Picture051.jpg]

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