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Spring Mountain Motor Resort Expands Road Course By Two Miles, Now Offers 6.1 Miles
03-09-2013, 12:46 PM
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Spring Mountain Motor Resort Expands Road Course By Two Miles, Now Offers 6.1 Miles
Spring Mountain Motor Resort Expands Road Course By Two Miles, Now Offers 6.1 Miles Of Track

[Image: ca80caef-cbdc-46eb-80c5-51f6ac2580d3.jpg?size=630]

Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club embarked on a massive expansion project last month, including over 2 miles of new track surface, a 150,000 square foot skid-pad, a multi-purpose building for Cadillac school operations, a sewer and water plant and more.

The track expansion is located on a new 120-acre parcel acquired last year, and can be run separately or as part of the existing road course. John Morris, Owner and CEO, states "This project has been years in the planning stages, and we are thrilled it's finally under way. Between two new high-speed long corners with positive banking, plus an intense bowl banked at 8-10% with a drop of nearly 100 feet, our clients, students and club members are going to love driving the new challenging and exciting track configurations."

The project guarantees more extended road course variations with the longest configuration at 6.1 miles, making Spring Mountain the longest track in the country and second longest in the world. Russ Meads, General Contractor reports there will be a total of 11,064 feet of track added at 40 feet wide and 464,161 square feet of new track surface. With the 300' x 500' skid pad a total of 614,160 square feet of new asphalt will be added to the facility. The new track extension will be 40 feet wide and extremely smooth, due to a special emollient mixed with the asphalt to provide more grip and a smooth surface.

"Slow and steady wins the race." The track expansion project, originally set to begin last year, was delayed by strict governmental regulations to protect the desert tortoise. The tortoise permit was finally received from the U.S Department of Fish & Wildlife, clearing the way for improvements on the 120-acre parcel adjacent to the track acquired from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM.) Construction on the tortoise fence is complete, and grading has begun, after clearing the land of any remaining tortoises. The rough clearing of the track will be completed within the first week, noticeable from the air, and ready for tours within the month. Changes will be completed this Spring.

Plans are in place for subdividing a portion of the facility into residential lots this summer, and we will keep you apprised of further developments. In addition a tentative subdivision map is being prepared for the commercial property in front of the facility to include a Gas Station, restaurants, a hotel and more.

Our progress is only possible with your support and enthusiasm, and we thank you sincerely for your business through the years. We're looking forward to serving you now and in the future as Spring Mountain continues to grow and develop into the finest motorsports facility in the world.

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