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SCS patches in the snow!!
07-12-2012, 09:36 AM
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SCS patches in the snow!!
For all you guys how stayed home to day you missed out on a great ride and some decent SCS humor.

We met up at Starbucks on Charleston and had coffee and some guy in pink shorts with purple beads tried his best to hit on guys in leather, this made the morning just funny.

We hit up the road and ended up getting pulled over by NHP for 87 in a 75... No performance awards were received and we headed back out on the road.

Quick lunch at St. George and back on the road to Kolob Reservoir road.

This road is going to be a great SCS day trip in the summer, but today it was all snowed in.

here are some pics

[Image: f92ec278.jpg]

[Image: 00bea6df.jpg]

[Image: 5774e607.jpg]

[Image: 4316d114.jpg]

[Image: 6fe968bc.jpg]

[Image: 091623da.jpg]

[Image: 1b3bd3dd.jpg]

[Image: 54fc8a86.jpg]

[Image: 6b1b1ac4.jpg]

[Image: 0a548632.jpg]
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07-12-2012, 11:25 AM
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RE: SCS patches in the snow!!
That looks cold

I don't need anger management, you need to shut the fuck up
I may have to grow up ,But I can be immature for life
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