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Riding Skills Series
07-11-2012, 03:52 PM
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Riding Skills Series
All of these article are from Sport Rider Magazine. They offer great advise for the novice thru to the expert rider. I recommend you take some time and read one a day. One of my bosses once gave me some good advise which I appy to riding " if it is your proffession or hobbie you should read at least 15 min a day learning about it" So here is a few days of reading and learning

You are where you look

Clutchless upshifing

Smooth Operator

On the Gas

Blipping the Throttle

Braking Street and Track

Toeing the Line

Trail Braking

Vison Quest

You are where you look

Braking and Downshifting


Adjusting your Controls

Riding Postion

Checking your motorcycle

Over cooking a corner

As the Turn Tightens

Avoding obstacles in the turn

Blind Turns

Body steering

Brake dancing

Off camber corners

Cornering thru a crisis

Counter Steering

Group Riding

Panic Stops

Rough Road

Slippery When Wet

Hard Braking

Throttle Control

U Turns
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