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Repair your seat!
07-11-2012, 03:54 PM
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Repair your seat!
Well then, I just had my seat dry rot on me (cracked, peeling etc). Luckily I got to doing this in time before the foam had started to get dirty/decay. Heres a list of what you will need.

- Exacto blade/scissors

- Electric Staple gun. 3/6th sized staples or smaller (I have one if you need to come over and use it).

- PVC MARINE GRADE Black material from fabric store. I got mine at Joannes next to best buy on green valley parkway. I picked up a metric ass load (asked the lady for 4 feet) of this stuff for 13 bucks, I have enough to do probably 6 more seats or possibly my seat for the lifetime of my bike. (photo below the piece missing is actually more then i needed to cut, i could have saved prob 2 feet of fabric if i actually measured..)

***(This has to be the exact same stuff they used on the OEM seats, It is the same color, style, texture, and even has the EXACT same weave on the underside of the fabric)***

How to do -

Estimated time - 30 minutes.

1.Get a thin flathead screwdriver and pry up all the staples and remove staples and old fabric

2.Staple down the longest straightest strip of fabric you can until you have to start working the fabric around the round parts of the seat. ( I started with the long flat straight part of the seat that faces the rear fairing.) You basically want to anchor down the fabric, then work your way around the seat tightening the fabric down and stapling it to the plastic on the underside to secure it. Dont be worried if the fabric seems a little lose, just push the fabric down to conform to the seat then flip it over holding the fabric taught until you can safely staple it and secure to the plastic bottom of the seat.

**Tip - if you are getting wrinkles in the fabric, or to much overlap, cut a slash into the fabric where it begins to bend then pull if over the cut and staple. (last photo) It will help taught the fabric up and help with having to much overlapping fabric.**

This is very very easy to do. I did it on my own with no research/help other then the awesome idea from Curtis (syncitizin). Thanks man! Saved me like 100/50 bucks!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you want to slam some beers bring me the seat, the fabric, and I will show you how to get this done!

*photos are in order of process*
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