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12-30-2012, 05:28 PM
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Oatman Ride

Ride to Oatman AZ map

Nice Ride to Oatman some decent twisties but watch our for road conditions.. not always the greatest.

Info about Oatman

Dont forget to bring a bag of carrots for the local jack asses..

Prescott AZ ride

Ride to Prescott AZ map

Long ride from Vegas almost 400 mile day round trip. Some nice Roads from bagdad az to Prescott.

Bagdad info

Ride to Area 51

Ride to area 51 map

Lots of straight road to area 51

Info about area 51

Beaver Dam Ride

Beaver Damm Ride map

Nice Ride

Beaver damm state park

Cedar Breaks Ride

Nice Ride to Cedar Breaks Ut map

A nice ride up to Southern Utah... lots of nice side roads to ride

Some of the Side Trips to do and see

Cedar Breaks info
Brian Head info
Zion National Park

Death Valley Ride

Death Valley ride to Dantes View map

Nice Ride out to Shoshone for breakfast and then on to Dantes View... A quick stop in Bad Water (lowest point in American) then on to dantes view

Plan you gas stops
Shoshone info
Dante's View info

Nelson Ride

Nelson Ride map

A quick ride out to Nelson Not much to see except a few old buildings and some junk

Info about Nelson

Temple Bar Ride

Temple Bar AZ Ride map

Ride out to Temple bar AZ .. Some times a little bit of dirt on the road...

Info about Temple Bar

Willow Beach Ride

Ride to Willow Beach

You also get to see Hover Dam

Quick ride.. watch out for the dirty road down from the 95 to willow beach

Info about Willow Beach
Hover Dam Info

Lake Mead Ride

Ride thru Lake Mead and to the High speed testing grounds map

A nice ride thru Lake Mead ... Dont forget to check out Callville Bay Road

You can Detour thru Valley of Fire

You can ride out to Moapa and and then down the 93 you will know when you get to the high speed testing grounds..

Lake Mead

Red Rock and Summit Ride

Red Rock and Summit Ride Map

Ride to Red Rock

Watch out for tourist and Rangers

Mt Charleston Ride

Mt. Charleston Ride map

Decent ride up to 8000 ft. about 60 miles round trip

Kolob Reservoir

Kolob Reservior
Nice ride in and out of Zion national park...

North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Nice ride to the North Rim sport bikes have to plan gas stops almost ran out of gas on this one. All Day ride

North Rim

South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Lots of straight line roads..

South Rim Ride

Grand Canyon Caverns

Nice ride to the Grand Canyon Caverns... nice tour of the caverns

Las Vegas, NV to Grand Canyon Caverns, AZ - Google Maps


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12-25-2014, 06:48 AM
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This is a very nice thread, Tomy. Super helpful for those of us that still do not know much riding around these parts. Though I think you should go through and fix the links, maybe even make a sticky of this.

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12-25-2014, 11:40 AM
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we should upgrade this and add map links =D

"Sin City Sportbikes was founded by Las Vegas sport bike enthusiasts in response to a desire to promote a positive and safe image of the sport. Riders and enthusiasts from all over the Las Vegas Valley have joined together in an effort to give back to a community that has helped and nurtured us."

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