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Moto West Grand Prix announces Double Points for round 5
07-03-2013, 03:47 PM
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Moto West Grand Prix announces Double Points for round 5
Join us for round five, scheduled for July 13-14, that will take place at the main 2.5-mile course at WSIR, the Fastest Road In The West. And this round – the start of the second half of the series – will award double points. Come get your speed fix and feed your racing need!
[Image: round5.jpg]
For those who want to get started, MWGP has a class just for you. Our Run What Ya Brung class is for street bikes and riders who have never raced. Just safety wire your drain plug and oil filter, bring good gear, a clean machine, and find out what racing’s all about!

Don’t have a modern class-winning race bike? MWGP is the race series for you. MWGP has classes for vintage machines (and vintage riders!) and is adding new classes to give you a place to race.

In addition, MWGP offers bracket racing. Based on the drag racing model, you pick a speed group and race with a wide variety of machines and riders, all turning lap times similar to yours. No matter your skill level or machine, there’s always someone to race with!

Motoyard is also hosting a track day at the same track on Friday, July 12th. Gain valuable seat time to find your markers, perfect your lines, and prepare for racing! MWGP licensed racers ride for only $89, please e-mail us your name and your license number to obtain the discount code. Registration is open now!
[Image: roun5_friday.jpg]
Round 5 pre-entry closes at midnight on Wednesday, July 10th, you can enter into the races by visiting the following link:

For racers who have not pre-registered, we encourage you to do so – the system is designed so that, if you are not requesting changes and have your own transponder, you should have your tech slip in hand less than two minutes after walking in the office door. If you are having problems signing up online or do not have access to a computer or Internet, call Henry at 818-949-8324 with your races and have your credit card handy and he will enter everything for you over the phone and send you an email confirmation. Pre-registration saves you money and gets everyone focused on racing earlier – give it a try!

Thanks to all our racers and sponsors and we look forward to seeing everyone at the track!
Moto West GP
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