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Laguna Seca- WSBK
09-06-2013, 04:38 PM (This post was last modified: 09-06-2013 04:39 PM by 12DCRR.)
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Laguna Seca- WSBK
What's up guys,

FIM World Superbike, at Laguna Seca, is scheduled for September 27-29th, 2013.

And I'm going! (Hopefully....)

Anyways the reason I am posting this is because I am trying to take advantage of this awesome promotion(ish) thing they are doing right now!!! And thought some of you might as well, who knows might even take the bike...

If you "volunteer" as a cornerworker (no! not the kind of corner your'e thinking of!) they will pretty much pay your stay for the weekend. Not 100% on all the details, because I haven't done it yet myself. But, I DO KNOW that you will get three things, FREE TICKET (You will be working a corner, so basically watching the race from a perspective NOBODY else can,) FREE CAMPING and PAID CASH $70/day. I beleive for the MotoGP event they had bbq's and such for free food and little shindigs after the races to mingle amongst other workers and the racers themselves. (I also believe they had FREE BEER at such shindigs...FREEEEBEEEER.) Not sure about WSBK...

But I do know the TICKET, the CAMPING, and obvioulsy the CASH is free! (sorta)

So what's the catch? Well I guess the "catch" would be is you have to join USARM (simple application but does cost $25.) And that's about it!

To save time I'm just going to copy/paste what they posted:

redridinghood11;5215305 Wrote:WORLD SUPERBIKES AT LAGUNA SECA SEPT 27-29 2013
i'm not ted, i'm ~dodge; ted sent the email i've linked below due to still needing another 80+ workers for event sept 26th thru 29th
it's wsbk@ our legendary epic one of a kind Laguna Seca racway. bring your bicycle/s & ride around track thurs. friday evening to get to know it more intimately. that's a secret many racers perform; biking the track & making notes about each corner entry & exit other little details that assist people acquiring lap records & further fine tuning their race craft :banger: USARM is the FIM supplier of turnworkers & support staff for MOTOGP as well. 70$ a day paid cash after sunday shift

"I’m looking for workers to work WSBK at Laguna. I still need around 80
more workers. If you worked MotoGP and didn’t sign up for WSBK and want
to work the event, just e-mail me, no need to fill out the same app. If
you are working WSBK and know anyone who wants to work sign them up. It’s
going to be staffed the same as MotoGP, so I need around 300 workers.
Don’t worry about the deadline for the apps, I’m taking apps till I’m
full. E-mail confirmations are going out this week, so check your e-mail
if you signed up for WSBK. I’m trying to get the WSBK worker list posted
on the website. If you are not sure if you signed up you can drop me an
e-mail and ask. ""


days are long, prepare to work from around 6:30a.m. til sometimes as late a 6pm Sad but from one of the best seats trackside you'll ever have the chance to get. & they do try & get us off track as soon as feasible. some of it is FIM doing whatever they want...........

USARM=United States Auto Racing Marshalls

Link to the site:

Let's DO THIS!

These spots do fill up so if anyone would like to do this let me know and sign up ASAP. I have not signed up but will FOR SURE if someone does with me, still waiting on some of my friends to get back to me on whether or not they can come.

I may even go by myself if I need...

Not everybody DOESN'T do those things either!
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09-09-2013, 08:27 AM
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RE: Laguna Seca- WSBK

Come on guys lets go watch some races!

I won a weekend pass from so now I'm going for freeeee yeeaaaauhhh Yahoo

Not everybody DOESN'T do those things either!
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